Human-Machine AI Intelligence

Insurance just got
a whole lot smarter

Optimize the entire value chain for everyone in your organization maximizing ROI to improve processes, and boost sales while eliminating risks. Scaled by the world’s most skilled insurance-focused data scientists together with our cutting-edge AI technology.

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Customer-Focused From Day 1

Leading Companies Trust Stat-Market To Optimize Their Value Chain

Predictive Insurance

Introducing MasterMind™, our Human-machine, AI Insurance Intelligence Solutions. We tailor MasterMind™ solutions to your business needs and data to boost your marketing and sales, as well as optimize your claims management and service operations, while reducing risks.

MasterMind™ combines cutting-edge, AI technologies infused with insurance best practices, computer science, and big data analytics to deliver prescriptive and actionable insights. We help you to monetize your data and improve your bottom line.

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AI-Powered Insurance
Intelligence For Everyone

Claims Management

Gain optimized claims
management and fraud

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Marketing & Sales

Maximize customer cross-selling/ up-selling potential and increase loyalty with personalized offerings

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Service Operations

Provide better customer experiences with optimized and personalized engagements

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Our Impact

We have been helping Insurance companies make
a giant leap forward in AI-driven Insurance efficiency


100M + data points
monetized and


Myriad machine learning
algorithms developed and
deployed with business ROI


Mass predictions with
an average accuracy
of 90%


Achieved significant profit growth with greater automation and smarter decision making

Why Stat-Market?

Human-Machine AI

We incorporate your know-how in our proven algorithms to ensure that you get the best-of-breed, interpretable, self-learning solutions tailored to your business needs and data.


We have years of experience onboarding AI Insurance solutions from inception to production in offline and real-time environments. We continually fine-tune our work helping you to achieve AI-disruption in months, and not years.


We are here for your for the whole end-to-end lifecycle of AI, from inception to production, through data democratization and monetization

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