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About Stat-Market

Our founders realized a new approach was needed
to Insurance optimization now and into the future.
Meet our team.

Stat-Market has been a leader in pragmatic data science, specializing in developing adaptive AI solutions for various industries, Insurance in particular. We help you to find “diamonds” in the data and turn business challenges into practical real-life algorithms with actionable insights.

Our Data Science

Our team has years of accumulative hands-on expertise in leading advanced AI projects from inception to production for both online and offline industries:

  • Insurance
  • Fintech and Finance
  • Healthcare and Pharma
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Mobile and Telecom sectors.

We help clients find “diamonds” in the data and turn their business challenges into practical algorithms with actionable insights.

Our team are experts in developing self-learning, AI solutions to support decisions and optimization systems applying a variety of Data Science techniques:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • Deep Learning

This knowledge has driven us to build MasterMind™ for the entire insurance value chain and allows us to continually innovate and build great solutions that help our customers reach their business goals.


Ilana Jucha

CEO & Co-Founder

Illana leads the team to provide great value to our customers with our MasterMind™, Human-machine AI Intelligence™ solutions, that are tailored to client needs and data.

Ilana has achieved many challenging goals throughout her extensive career in global, executive roles in analytics and technology in the software industry. She combines multiple roles in her daily tasks, from strategy, recruitment, marketing and sales, customer support, and is our champion decision-maker.

Her goal for Stat-Market is to lead the company to be a trusted AI partner for insurers globally, helping you to monetize your data using AI algorithms infused with human knowledge.

Eli Yucha

Chief Data Scientist
& Co-founder

Eli has extensive, hands-on experience in building pragmatic, self-learning AI solutions, from inception to production in various industries and business set-ups. Eli leads the development of our MasterMind solutions, continually fostering the right techniques and technologies in order to reach the best possible prediction metrics and deliver value to our customers. He is regarded as the thought-leader of our A-Team.

Ron Mimoun

Chief Customer Officer

Ron is an executive with broad experience in enterprise software, technologies and sales. His role is to understand what our customers really need and what their main challenges are to help them improve their decision-making and reach their growth and operational goals. Ron believes that the insurance industry is reinventing itself and experiencing an AI revolution.

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