AI Solutions for
Finance and Fintech

Enable data transformation for your financial organization to improve operational efficiency, boost sales and marketing and enable greater service operations.

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Developing powerful AI applications
for financial and fintech institutions


Unlock data insights to inform financial
strategies. Drive more robust performance on
your most critical priorities.

Automate tasks, detect fraud and deliver
personalised recommendations, enabling
frictionless customer interactions.


  • Credit and risk scoring
  • Debts collection scoring
  • Income (sales) forecasting AR & cash flow forecasting

Sales & Marketing

Stat-Market’s Marketing and sales solutions
for insurance unlock your data to maximize
customer engagement, optimize lead scoring,
improve conversions, and increase ROI.

Offer customers digital and personalized
consumer experiences with AI marketing and
sales solutions for the finance industry.
Segment consumer behavior and build
meaningful relationships with your audience.

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Maximize customer potential with predictive, personalized offerings based on:


Churn probability

Loan opportunity

Pricing sensitivity

Service Operations

Utilize AI systems to help get you more out
of our call center operations. Increase first
contact resolution rate, optimize use of
self-service channels, while reducing call
volumes, repeated call rates and customer
effort rates.

Improve call center operations to provide
better customer experiences with optimized
and personalized engagements.

WITH STAT-MARKET Enable AI technologies to:

  • Conduct Root Cause Analysis for inbound calls
  • Identify customer’s next call predictions
  • Automatically match responses to offers to meet the specific needs of customers
  • Uncover insights driving a customer to a self-service or an alternative channel

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