Strengthen Retail Experiences with AI

Enhance the retail and online shopping experience with AI
intelligence. Captivate customers and create exciting personalized
omnichannel experiences.

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Build customer profiles with AI to
understand how to reach your customers


Understand who is your core customer, with:

  • LTV systems
  • SOW
  • Segmentation
  • Uplift Modelling
  • Share of Wallet


Understand who is your core customer, with:

  • Channel Traits
  • Segmentation


Understand who is your core customer, with:

  • NBO
  • Segmentation
  • Share of Wallet


Understand who is your core customer, with:

  • Events System
  • Activity Level

With AI powered retail solutions, you get:

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Pricing sensitivity & elasticity
  • Promotion worthiness
  • LTV predictions
  • Basket analysis & product affinities
  • Churn & wakeup predictions
  • Buying Probability
  • Profiling & segmentation
  • Campaign value predictions
  • Triggering

With AI powered retail solutions, you gain:

  • Optimized customer journeys
  • Omni-channel personalization
  • Maximized customer share of wallet
  • Maximized customer value
  • Increased order value
  • Increased purchase frequency
  • Greater customer experience
  • Greater loyalty & advocacy
  • Pricing optimization
  • Customers’ reach & channel optimization

Enable AI retail applications that give you real insights

Forecast customer
lifetime value

Predict customer lifetime value to understand how profitable a
customer will be and how much you will need to spend to
acquire new customers.

Predict customer

Analyze customers' behavior and loyalty to your brand to
help you develop products and services catered to their
specific needs.

Determine product

Predict product churn by utilizing data on past client
actions to help your organization reduce the likelihood of
a customer discontinuing a product or service.

Profile & segment
customer behavior

Segment and profile customers to develop personalized
products and services.

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