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Reshape the vision of your telecom company with Artificial Intelligence
and data analytics. Power your customer profiling, engagement and
services with AI to boost your sales and enhance the customer

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Provide the best customer care

Predicted NPS

Predict customer satisfaction scores

Next bill predictions

Predict customer’s next bill

Digital channels

Predict the probability of customers
migrating to digital channels.

Call center Root Cause analysis

Understand the most important
reasons customers call about a bill.

Specific call reason

Understand the probability a customer
will call for a specific reason.

NCA – Next Call predications

Predict the probability of a customer
calling again about the same topic.

Engage your customers

Timing model

Predict customer response times.

Data allowance

Understand if a customer will exceed or
renew their data allowance.

Premium subscriptions

Predict the probability of a customer
buying a premium subscription.

Propensity to Multi-LOB

Understand if a customer will switch
from 1-LOB to Multi-LOB subscription.

Product recommendations

Identify products customers are most
likely to be interested in buying.

“Try & Buy” propensity

Predict the propensity of a user to try a
service or product and buy it later.

Profile customers with data insights

Pricing sensitivity

Predict customer sensitivity to a price or
value add.

Lifetime value

Estimate future customer revenue.


Predict the probability of a customer

Demographics predictions

Fill in the gaps on demographic data
to build consumer profiles.

Next purchase

Understand the purchases customers are
likely to make in the future.


Automate credit score evaluations.

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