Human-Machine AI Intelligence


We understand each company has unique goals, maturity levels, customer journeys, and a product portfolio. This is why we develop MasterMind, AI-driven Insurance Solution technology, easily customized to fit your needs and serves us to deliver to you outstanding AI-driven Insurance intelligence solutions.

Behind the scenes of AI-driven Insurance


Policy Data

Claims & Related
Loss Expenses Data


Renewals Data

Customer Experience
& Loyality

* Credit Risk Scoring

* Disaster Risk Score

* Theft Risk Score

Any Data Collection for MasterMind Data Model

  • Inhouse/ 3rd party*
  • Structured / Unstructured
  • Real-Time/Near Real-Time/Batch

MasterMind Data Integrity and Transformation

  • Data Cleansing and Normalization
  • Transformation of text to structured data
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Feature Engineering
  • Infusion of best prctices

Data is the Secret Sauce to Effective Predictions

One of the most reliable way to get better predictions is to give the algorithm many multiply forms of data, tagged correctly for prediction target. The challenge for insurers is that most of the companies don’t have labeled data and the majority of their data is hidden in texts and documents.

MasterMind Data Transformation Tool

Our tool tests the data integrity, normalizes internal and external data, translates text data into meaningful dictionaries and computes insurance attributes, labeled for prediction targets. Using NLP, Neural Networks and ML techniques, transforming your data into eloquent feed for our predictive system, guaranteeing prediction effectiveness.

Risk Scoring

Fraud Scoring

Agent Scoring

Provider Scoring

Lead Scoring

Buying Probability

Churn Probability

Pricing Elasicity
& Sensetivity

MasterMind Prebuillt AI Predictions Library

Our MasterMind Brain uses the full spectrum of predictive modelling and data mining techniques, such as:

  •  Machine Learning
  • Statistical Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • NLP

Our domain-specific proprietary set of self-learning algorithms, infused by insurers practical experience, empowers outperforming accuracy, robustness and stability of our predictions. The system monitors model performance continually, detecting and fixing model drifts, along with alerting on data issues.

Compute Agnostic

MasterMind works on-premise or in the cloud — integrating
with storage and various computational layers for each cloud.



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