AI Intelligent Services


On top of being a trusted provider of revolutionary AI solutions for insurers, we help companies of any kind make a giant leap forward in AI-driven efficiency.

End-To-End Data
Science Services

We use our proven methodology, leveraging best practices reached throughout 10 years of our company existence:

AI Strategy – Building ROI-driven, AI road maps

Data Democratization – Big data analytics, accessing data gaps and building data for AI

Data Integrity – Assessing reliability and trustworthiness of your data throughout its lifecycle with our proprietary tools

Human-Machine AI Solutions – Designing, developing, and deploying self-learning AI solutions tailored to your data and specific business needs, from inception to production. We apply a broad variety of data science techniques, developed in open source using a variety of latest techniques and technology:

  • Machine learning
  • Statistical learning
  • Deep learning
  • NLP
  • Predictive analytics

Prescriptive Intelligence – Practical usage of AI insights

Your Value Chain Optimized

Our tailor-made AI solutions optimize the entire
value chain for everyone in your organization:

& Sales



Care & Service



Innovation First

Improve processes and boost sales, while eliminating
risks and maximize your ROI. We help you innovate with
AI and predictive analytics, from design and development
to production:

Support Systems


Smart Automation

Professional Services Portfolio

& Sales

  • Buying Probability
  • NBO
  • Churn/wakeup Predictions
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • LTV Predictions
  • Campaign Value Prediction
  • Pricing Sensitivity & Elasticity
  • Discounts Worthiness
  • Profiling & Segmentation
  • Providers’ Scoring


  • Credit & Risk Scoring
  • Debts Collection Scoring
  • Income (Sales) Forecasting
  • AR & Cash Flow Forecasting


  • Appointments Schedule Optimization-No Show Predictions
  • Next Call Predictions
  • Automatic Need Response Match

Personalized Care &
Preventive Medicine

  • Likelihood for a Certain Medical Condition
  • Likelihood for Deterioration
    in a Patient’s Physical Condition
  • Predicting Respiratory and Organ Failures Associated With a Certain Medical Condition
  • Likelihood To Cease a Prescribed Therapy/ Nonadherence
  • Optimizations of Clinical Pathways

Why work with us?

150+ Years

of applied experience in AI solutions development and consulting in all aspects of data science

200+ AI Solutions

Created and deployed with clear business ROI

5 Months

AI disruption in 5 months, not years