AI and Data Science

Comprehensive data analytics and AI applications and solutions to help
organisations unlock powerful insights to drive business goals and
smart operations.

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Helping your organization drive
innovation with AI driven data

AI Solution Development

Utilizing the latest machine learning (ML)
and deep learning (DL) tools and
algorithms, we help build advanced AI
applications to integrate into any
function of your business.

Big Data Development

Get actionable insight into your data to build a pipeline to
store and effectively
manage and visualize your data.


Our Advisory team is ready to help your
organization realize the benefits from AI.
Our data science team helps clients
quickly launch AI initiatives using a
variety of techniques.

Predictive Analytics

We help you extract information from
data sources and determine future
trends by building predictive

NLP Services

Convert your unstructured data
into actionable insights and automate data
cleaning and classifying processes.

Data Democratization

Bridge data gaps and build data for AI
using various data types. We normalize
internal and external data, translating
text data into dictionaries and
computing attributes for AI readiness.

Incorporating business experts knowledge
into AI models to improve insights

Clustering & ML

Multidimensional Mapping
and Correlations

Unsupervised &
Supervised Learning

Trajectories & Trends

Anomaly Detection


We can successfully work
with mutiple teams in your

Business teams


Analytics teams

IT teams

Our Impact

We have been helping Innovative companies make
a giant leap forward in AI-driven efficiency


100M + data points
monetized and optimized


Myriad machine learning
algorithms developed and
deployed with business ROI


Mass predictions with an
average accuracy of 90%


Achieved significant profit growth with greater automation and smarter decision making

Stat-Market is trusted by the world's most innovative organizations

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