AI for
Marketing and Sales

Attract and retain valuable customers with marketing and sales
solutions powered by AI. Maximize customer cross-selling and up-
selling potential and increase loyalty with personalized offerings.

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Optimizing marketing
and sales with AI

Smarter marketing

AI-driven marketing enables organizations to optimize their
strategy based on real customer information that accurately
predicts needs and future behaviors. With Stat-Market,
personalize marketing experiences to obtain the highest return
on investment (ROI) and the strongest level of customer

Optimized sales

Potentially one of the most high-value applications for AI is
within sales. Utilize AI to streamline sales processes with Stat-
Market. Enable hyper-personalization, allowing sales agents to
identify leads that are likely to buy, at the right time, and
significantly improve the quality of the services offered.

With AI powered marketing and sales solutions, you get:

  • Buying probability
  • NBO
  • Churn & wakeup predictions
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • LTV predictions
  • Campaign value predictions
  • Pricing sensitivity & elasticity
  • Discounts worthiness
  • Profiling & segmentation
  • Supplier scoring

With AI powered marketing and saLe solutions, you gain:

  • Optimized customer journeys
  • Omni-channel personalization
  • Maximized customer share of wallet
  • Maximized customer value
  • Improved cross-selling and upselling
  • Greater customer experience
  • Greater loyalty & advocacy
  • Smarter targeting
  • Proactive optimized retention
  • Greater ROI

Stat-Market is trusted by the world's most innovative organizations

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